The Empowered Mom's Community

Welcome to the most wonderful community of Moms on the planet!


Do you ever feel overwhelmed, uncertain and inadequate when it comes to dealing with challenges with your child? 

Do you struggle with feeling as if you are not doing enough or not doing the right things for your child? 

Have you been struggling to manage the everyday chaos of raising kids and keeping up with everything else? 

Do you ever feel not fit for the job? 

Do you ever feel like trying to meet all the “expectations of a mom” can sometimes leave you lacking confidence, and feeling out of control?

It's time to stop all of this! You don’t have to feel this way. EVER

Join a community of moms who get it, embrace it, and are here to help you through it.

You can be confident, and balanced and experience peace and calm in your home. With the support of thousands of Empowered Moms who know exactly how hard it can be, you will start feeling more in control, inspired, and motivated to be the best mom you can be.

How It Works

What to expect!

  CONFIDENCE   Gain the confidence you need to tackle any parenting challenge with ease.

  ENJOY   Enjoy family life without feeling drained and exhausted all the time.

  CONNECTION   Stop feeling like you are barely making it and instead enjoy a family life of joy, happiness, and connection.

  TRANSFORM   End the constant power struggles, tempers, and meltdowns, and transform your home into a peaceful, calm, and happy place.

  LEARN   Unlock the secrets of raising a child that becomes an independent, respectful, and confident adult. Learn how to make every moment count.

  DISCOVER   Discover new ways to celebrate yourself, take care of yourself, and be the mom you want to be!

  INNER PEACE   Learn to be gentle with yourself. Let go of unnecessary guilt and find inner peace as a parent.

                      My Story                   

Growing up, I was quite naive and thought all kids had a safe, happy childhood similar to mine. But in my first couple of jobs in university, I worked with kids living away from their families because they came from unsafe and troubled homes shattering that naive belief. 

This fueled a lifelong passion to help children and families experience joy and connection. But when I had kids of my own, I was away far from family and the community I grew up with, I experienced firsthand the struggles of parenthood without a supporting village.

I knew so much about parenting, attachment, child development, and healthy families, but everything I knew was so hard to put into practice and the challenging moments seemed so much more intense going through the parenting process alone. 

Connecting with other women on their parenting journey was a life-changing moment for me - the power of community was essential to finding my confidence and conquering motherhood.

So I decided to create one - connecting with other women who could understand each other, share their wisdom, and encourage each other in this journey. 

Together we are strong, and it means everything to have a safe space to share our struggles and celebrate our successes. That's why I'm so passionate about creating a supportive community for mothers everywhere.

The Benefits of a Community

There is so much information out there on parenting. Books. Podcasts. Blogs. Webinars. YouTube. Facebook. Some of them are great information. But even when you have all the right information in your hands it doesn't help when you feel isolated, lonely, frustrated, or lacking confidence on how to do the right thing for your child. 

No amount of information can replace the comfort and connection of a friend taking your hand and walking through the challenges of parenting and life with you. That's why I created the Empowered Mom's Community.

Your membership in the community includes:

🙌 Therapist-designed programming on specific parenting topics

🧭 Monthly Challenges to help you take action

📚 Monthly Book Club for study and connection

🖥 Live Q&A's to get all your parenting questions answered

🧘‍♀️ Weekly Affirmations and Reflections

🧰 Tools and resources to support you on your parenting journey

✍ New content each month

🌸 A private and supportive community of moms journeying together through the highs and lows of motherhood

💯 As so much more

    Frequently Asked Questions    

Who is this membership for?

This membership is for any mom looking to find support, connection, and community on her parenting journey.

What topics are covered in the monthly programming?

The monthly programming covers a variety of parenting topics, from understanding child development to effective communication strategies to self-care and more. Each month focuses on a different topic. They are designed to help you take action and make progress towards your parenting goals. To get the most out of them, set yourself a goal or intention for each challenge and use it as an opportunity to take a step forward on your journey.

What is the weekly Reflection and Affirmation?

Every week, members of the community will receive a reflection question and an affirmation to help them reflect on their journey and stay focused and motivated. The reflections can be used to spark meaningful conversations within the group, inspire you to take action, or simply give you a moment of pause to reflect. The affirmations are intended to give you an uplifting message to help you stay focused and motivated on your parenting journey.

What is the Book Club?

The book club is a great way to connect with other members of the community while engaging in thought-provoking conversations about books related to parenting, motherhood, and life. This is an opportunity for you to stay informed and inspired while also deepening your connection with other members of the community.

Where is it available?

The Empowered Moms Community is available globally. We have members from all over the world, so you can connect with moms no matter where you are. All programming is done online, so you can participate wherever you are!

How much time do I need to commit each week or month?

The amount of time you need to commit each week or month is up to you. We understand that life with kids can be busy, so we make sure the content and programming are designed to fit into your schedule. You can work through the monthly challenges on your own pace, engage in group discussions as much or as little as you’d like, and take part in the book club at your own leisure.

What can I expect from the membership?

You can expect to gain a better understanding of parenting skills, develop a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, your children, and the world around you through this program. With new themes and topics explored each month, you will gain valuable insight that will help enhance your parenting skills and bring more joy, fulfillment, growth, and self-love into your life. You will also develop meaningful connections with other members of the community while being encouraged and motivated to reach your parenting goals.

Is there privacy?

Yes. This membership offers a secure and private space where members can share, connect and explore together. We encourage vulnerability and exploration, but it is entirely up to you how much you share with the group. Your privacy is respected and we recommend taking things at a pace that works for your individual needs.

What are the billing options?

We offer monthly and yearly billing options. The membership is billed on the same day each month or year, depending on the plan you choose. We also offer a 7-day free trial period so that you can get a better feel for what the program offers before committing to a longer plan.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you decide the Empowered Moms Community is not right for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. To avoid getting charged for the upcoming month, be sure to cancel at least seven days before your next billing cycle begins.